Thursday, May 26, 2011

Free Samples in the mail

About a month ago, I jumped on the coupling bandwagon.  Mind you, I am not an extreme couponer, I do not have a stockpile or products all over my house.  I stick with what is on sale, what I have a coupon for, use both store and manufacture coupons when I can and only buy what we are going to use.  Along with saving with coupons, I also subscribed to magazine which is full of coupons, but if you sign up for their newsletters, they will also send you an email for a daily "freebie" or sample to send away for.  I have also signed up for a few sites on Facebook for "freebies" like  They post many daily "freebies" on Facebook and in email too.
I knew the samples would take a few weeks to start arriving, so my daily walk to the mailbox actually became exciting!  Two weeks later, I received my first free sample from Two packets of two wipes each, plus coupons for my next purchase.  Now, if only I could get someone to wash my car and windows, I can try out my first "freebie".  In the past two weeks, I have received 7 free samples in the mail all shown in the picture above.  The list includes:
Invisible Glass, Eucerin SPF body and face lotion, Atkins starter kit including 3 meal bars, carb counter book, a recipe book, get started guide and coupons.  From Costco I received samples of Fekkai color care shampoo and conditioner, which you need a member # to sign up with.  Breathe Right sent me a 2 pack trial size, and Degree sent a sample of their motion sense deodorant.  My biggest sample was the NeilMed Nasaflo Neti Pot like you've probably seen on the Dr. Oz show.  It came with the pot and two premixed packets.
Many of the samples can be found on Facebook sites for the products you like or on a products company website.  You can also check out, and your local grocery store websites for free sample tabs.  And again, there are many Facebook pages that help you find coupons and
"freebies" if you type in these words in the search pages box at the top of your Facebook page.  I usually send away for all the samples I can find, even if I don't use the product so I can give them to friends that do use them or donate them to a food bank or even save them up for when my son moves out!
Here are the links to the products I have featured here:

Would you like to win my free sample of the Neti Pot?  just leave a comment on this blog along with your email address and I will pick a winner in one week, June 2nd.
For an extra chance to win, sign up to follow my blog and leave a comment telling me you did so.
For one more chance, tell a friend to sign up to follow my blog and you each will receive an extra chance to win!  I will announce the winner at 12:00pm.  Good Luck!


Bonita12 said...

Awesome, Elliot! You are a true blogger now - i'm just a browser. I think my husband could really use this. I love getting freebies in the mail - my son just recvd a pair of Guess jeans I won on 24/7 moms.

bwalker1123 at gmail dot com

Bonita12 said...

I shared your blog on my facebook page!
bwalker1123 at gmail dot com

Ellie Sew Sweet said...

Thanks Bonita! It is an awesome product!

~*~ Beckie ~*~ said...

I'm following your blog now! :-)

Ellie Sew Sweet said...

Thanks Beckie! Glad to see you here!