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About the Author:

Effie G. is the alter ego of an undisclosed superhero. Saving manuscripts from errors during the day, and pounding out words in her next novel at night. She is the mother of enough children for a basketball team and wife to the most amazing man in the world.
When she isn’t doing bookish things, you can find her out in her garden, or chilling out with a cup of coffee and classical music cranked up on her iPad.
The Midwest author loves all things British, coffee, and gummy bears—in no particular order.

Rules of Her Sins
(Their Sins, #1)

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With dreams of being the youngest and richest CEO in the country, Jesse McCoy heads off to college with her best friend in Indiana. Where she meets who she thought was the man of her dreams, or so she thought. Then a careless night alters Jesse’s dreams, possibly forever.

Back home from college, Aedan Hughes wasn’t planning on working as a personal chauffeur to his boss. Quickly he learns that his boss is grooming him for a position of a lifetime which includes meeting the one woman who lights his fire.

Will Jesse have to completely let go of her dreams to get her life back? Is Aedan just setting up himself for a heartache?

Her past sins rule each of their futures, and only he knows how it will play out.


Chapter Two
Jesse – Age 22
Never did I imagine that when I turned twenty-two, I’d be divorced, working for my father in a position I had no desire to be in. I haven’t graduated from college yet, but I was so close. I guess life happens sometimes, but I wish I could go back to simpler times, to be eighteen again. My life was planned out for me. Living on my father’s dime and preparing to go to college on a full ride softball scholarship. All I had to worry about was whose house I was partying at that weekend. High school life was good, but college life was amazing. All I did was attend class, play softball, and party. The summer of my junior year at Indiana University, everything changed. I met “the one,” Chet Boston. And he was truly the one for me—the completely wrong one.
Chet. I should have known with a name like that, he would only be a piece of shit. He was amazing for the first year. Amazing sex, gifts, dinners, and surprises. He’s a few years older than me, has a degree in marketing, and when I met him, he was working for the top marketing firm in Indianapolis. He’s easy on the eyes, six foot three, and one hundred eighty-five pounds of defined tanned yumminess, with dark chocolate eyes and short brownish-blond hair. Mmm. The things he could do with his…body.
I decided to leave school after a night of carelessness led to me getting pregnant. We married quickly—a small little wedding chapel in the middle of nowhere—and I moved to Indianapolis with him. Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage six weeks after we were married. I thought we would make it through our loss. We were a strong couple. I honestly thought life would be perfect. Ha. The joke was on me.
We decided to wait for a while before trying to conceive again. I went to work full-time, and Chet dove back into work, amongst other things that I didn’t know about at the time. We maintained our work hard, play even harder pace for a while—treating ourselves to indulgences often. Surprise trips here, flowers just because, jewelry, shopping.
Slowly, I started observing changes. First, it was notices for late bills, then money missing from our accounts, and Chet traveling for work on a more frequent basis. Finally, we went from having sex multiple times a week to maybe once a month. I love sex and I thought he did too. So I spoke with Chet about all the things I noticed and he explained the bills as just forgetting that month, but wasn’t so keen on explaining the bedroom situation. He told me he was exhausted from working all the time. I felt bad so I let it go.
Months later, none of that had prepared me for what I walked into on what would be the last day I wrote his last name as my own… My life as I knew it, gone. He cleaned out the house but left a few things that would scream ‘these are Jesse’s,’ divorce papers, and a foreclosure notice. I immediately called our bank thinking there had been a mistake, but not only had he not been paying the mortgage, he had cleaned out all of our accounts—including the account my father had started for our future children.
I called the police and since he was legally my husband, I couldn’t do anything about it. So there I was with the shirt on my back and my car, and thank God, he couldn’t take my car because it was still in my father’s name. I was completely numb to everything that I was going through and feeling at the moment.

I knew I didn’t want to call my father, I would get the ‘I told you so lecture,’ so I did what any girl would do; called my bestie. Twenty minutes later, Laney Spears was beating on my front door, and yelling at me to let her in. Thirty minutes later, everything left in the house was packed in our cars, and I said goodbye to being Mrs. Chet Boston…

 (Their Sins, #1.5)

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Growing up the son of a prominent lawyer had its perks. Chet Boston used the perks to his advantage until a family secret comes out and threatens everything that Chet has going for him.

He thought he wanted the life of a playboy with a different woman in his bed every night until he meets the woman that he thought was his forever. Leaving him wanting nothing more from another woman.

But that all changes when his secret is revealed. Will he choose love over family?


Chapter One
My head is pounding as I try to wake up, all tangled up in my bed sheets. I pry my eyes open to glance over to the clock that sits on my bedside stand. It reads three pm. Damn, I’ve slept all day. I need to get my ass in gear.
I’m so over college and it hasn’t even started for the semester yet. I was hoping the beginning of my senior year at Indiana University would be more eventful, but it has been very boring. I’m ready to graduate, but I’m not completely ready to leave Bloomington to go back to Indianapolis. I’m sure I’ll have many job opportunities here, but in Indy, there will be higher paying positions.
Getting out of bed, I can’t remember if I had a chick in here last night or not. She isn’t here now, I think, if I did. I’m quite the ladies’ man here on campus, and the women know that I’m not looking to settle down. I have plenty of numbers in my phone for a hook up whenever I need it. I use women for one thing−sex.
Heading to the bathroom so I can get this day started with the three S’s. If you don’t know what they are, I’ll clue you in; shit, shave, and shower. Preferably in that order. You’re probably wondering who I am. Well, the name is Chet Lee Boston and I’m twenty-one and the only child to Chris and Bree Boston.
My dad is a lawyer and my mom, well um, she’s a socialite. Heavy on the social. She’s not a cheater or anything, just very well-known as my father’s wife. I learned a lot from her growing up. I’m a business major since I decided I didn’t want to work at my father’s law firm. I didn’t want to have to worry about my skeletons coming out of my closet. I have some secrets that no one needs to know about.
Last summer, I went back home to stay with my parents during summer break. That didn’t go over so well. Got in a little trouble with the police, and so I decided I would stay down here and hopefully stay out of trouble. More like not get caught doing what I wasn’t supposed to be doing.
As you’ve probably guessed, I love to party. I hit up parties wherever I can find them. I have a lot of friends in the frats so you can often find me at a few parties a night on the weekends. I’m not much of a drinker, I mean I can hold my own, but my drug of choice is cocaine. Luckily, when I was busted last year, it was for alcohol instead of coke. I don’t think my dad could have gotten me out of that, but who knows. He knows many people behind the scenes.
Finishing showering, I head to my room, and I hear the front door to the apartment open. My roommate must be home. I pick out the clothes I want to wear when I go out later on. I’m sure there will be a party or two to hit up.
“Hey, bro. What up?”
“Not much. Heading to a party over at Derrick’s later. Wanna hit it with me?”
“The softball team is supposed to come, and I heard there are a few new hotties on the team.”
“Right on, man. I can’t wait.” I give him a high-five as he heads on to his room and I head in the kitchen to look for something to eat.
There’s not much in the fridge; some leftovers and alcohol. I grab the leftovers and a beer. I’ll drink while I’m waiting for my food to heat up in the microwave.
This party tonight should be a blast. Especially, when there are fresh chicks to hook up with. Normally the athletic scholarship girls aren’t looking for a relationship, as they’re never around long enough to see anyone. They work out perfect for me.
I finish eating and go see if Matt is finally ready to roll. I grab some of my stash because I’m sure I’ll want a hit later on. We are off to this dude’s house I’ve only partied with a few times. He seems like he knows pretty much everyone who is everyone on campus. My kind of party.
The party’s in full swing when we get there around nine pm. The ladies clothes are falling off. Oh, yeah. I should be able to score tonight. I see a few women I don’t know so I make sure to go introduce myself to them.
There is this really tall female that has almost black hair and her skin is really light, like she’s never been out in the sun. She is really tall with legs that goes on for miles. I would love to see those up in the air.
I walk over to her and she is talking to her friend who seems to be sober. She is not bad looking either. She’s really curvy with strawberry blonde hair. I could see myself getting some of that too.
“Hi, ladies. New on campus?” I ask as sweet as I can. The dark headed hottie doesn’t give me the time of day. Whatever, snob.
“Hey. Yes. We just moved here from Colorado. Not used to this kind of party though. My teammates told me it would be good for me, but I feel really out of place. Maybe we’ll catch you around.” She smiles sweetly and grabs her friends arm and drags her off.
Whatever. I’m sure there are more ladies around here to hook up with. I see some of my friends and head over to talk to them before they get too shit faced. I walk over and the guys are talking about how the defense needs to step up their games if they are going to win their opening football game of the season. They say hey to me and go back to their conversation.
I’m half listening to the conversation and looking for other women to get to know. I see I someone I would like to get to know and make my way over to her. Making sure my breath smells good.
“Hey, I haven’t seen you around. First time here?” I smile in this panty dropping smile I’ve been told I have.
“Hey, yourself. Yes, I just moved next door. I was told this is party central. Looks like I moved into a good neighborhood.” She laughs. “My name is Kami. Yours?”
“Chet. Nice to meet you, Kami. And you’re correct. Derrick throws parties normally all weekend. And they can get a little wild. I hope you don’t mind.”
“Not at all. As long as I’m invited.”
“I’m sure that won’t be a problem. Especially if you come dressed like that. Hot damn.”
“Are you trying to get in my panties, Chet?” she says almost appalled.
“Yes, I am.” I say straight faced. I’m honest.
“It won’t be hard. I’m not wearing any…” She grins a wicked grin, turns and walks away.
“Oh, sweetheart, you’re a woman after my own heart. When and where?” I call out to her.
“Just follow me.” She says over her shoulder.
We head over to her house. I need to make sure she is sober and isn’t under the influence of something.
“Kami, have you had anything to drink or anything else? I don’t want to go through this and get into trouble later.”
“I had a beer or two, but I’ll be honest, I like to fuck. I’m not looking for emotional shit, just pleasure.” She states matter-of-factly.
“Done deal. Let’s fuck then.”
Forget the foreplay. We go right to the point. Thank God, I added a few condoms to my wallet before we left for the party. She was stripping off her tank top and mini skirt on the way to what I am guessing is her bedroom. When she opens the door to the room, I see what I’m guessing is a king size bed taking up most of the room.  She walks in and turns around.
“Do you need help getting your clothes off? You are a little over dressed.” She gives me a naughty grin.
I take off my shirt, and she walks over to me and starts unbuttoning my shorts. Hell yeah for flip flips. She is going to be surprised when she gets my shorts undone and sees that I am commando.
She gets my shorts pulled down and I hear her inhale a swift breath. Oh, yes, I’m large, he’s not call Big Papi for nothing. She gets down on her knees and takes my cock in her hand. Is this chick for real? If she isn’t a clinger, she will get a call back. Shit. She just licked my shaft and hell…she put her lips around the head of my cock and is slowly taking me all into her mouth. I feel the back of her throat and she adjusts and takes in even more of me. No way. I start pumping slowly in and out of her mouth and I feel myself quickly approaching release and then nothing. She’s removed her mouth from my cock.
I look at her questioning what she was doing. She looks at me.
“Put your cock up. I’ve heard all about you from my roommates. You are an easy lay.” She laughs.
What the hell. I just stand there.
“What? Lost for words. I said get your clothes on and get out. Now you know what it’s like to be fucked over.” She bites out.
I gather my clothes and try to not zip up my swollen cock up in my shorts. And I put my shirt on. “Who are your roommates?”
“Diana and Heather Sims.”
Damnit. Diana was a crazy bitch. I could tell she was a clinger. I made the mistake of bringing her back to my house one night. She would follow me to my classes and drive by the house after I told her I didn’t want to see her anymore. I was glad when she finally found someone else to latch onto.
“I’ll gladly show myself the way out. Just remember what you’re missing out on. I don’t give second rounds either. So your loss.” I say as I walk out the door.
Crazy bitches. One of these days, I will learn. After all that drama, I need a hit. I hope Derrick’s bathroom is vacant. I walk over to his house and go in. I know my way around and find the bathroom empty. The mirror is where I found it last time and I get my hit ready to go.
I snort the white goodness up my nose and it takes minutes for the warmth to start running through my body. I am ready to party now. I’m on top of the freaking world. I clean up my mess because it’s no one’s damn business what I was doing in here.
I open the door and walk into a very leggy blonde. Hello sexy.
“Hey, gorgeous.” I smile my best smile. She blushes.
“Hi. I was looking for the bathroom and it looks like I’ve found it. Give me few and I’ll be back out.” She smiles and stumbles into the room I just occupied.
I few moments later, she comes out and she looks more awake.
“Sorry, hey. This is my cousin’s house. He wanted me to see what I’ve been missing out on all these years since I went to Purdue instead of IU. However, I transferred to IU because I switched majors. My name is Marie. Yours?”
“Wow. Glad you’re here. I’m Chet. Nice to meet you.” I’m hoping this chick is an easy hookup.  After the earlier session, my balls are aching for a release.
We talk on our way aback outside. As the night goes on, I realize I'm not going to get the attention I need so I head on home. I don't feel like messing with a chick at this time of night. I'll just relieve myself when I get home.

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