Thursday, October 9, 2014

New Release: DARKEST FATE by Fabio Bueno

Darkest Fate by Fabio Bueno is LIVE!!!

Get your one-click finger ready....

Here it is straight from Fabio himself:

It's finally here! The third book in the Singularity Series is now available.

This novel concludes the story of Skye & Drake. It's hard to say goodbye to them and the whole gang (yes, even Jane :-) ) They've been part of my daily life for the last three years, and now that they left their home, it feels awfully quiet.

But it's okay, they're out there in the world having their adventures--and the latest is told in Darkest Fate.
The truth can set you free. It also can destroy you.
Skye has left Drake and gone to London to face trial for her actions. She must choose between loyalty to her coven and hiding the Sister she swore to protect.
A figure from Drake’s past resurfaces, uncovering secrets and shattering his life. To save Skye and the Singularity, Drake must enter dangerous alliances and risk everything.
The covens are in a frantic quest for the Singularity. The Mothers are fighting to preserve the Veil. But when the Night covens start killing witches, it becomes a race against time.
Will Skye and Drake’s love be strong enough to overcome betrayals, mortal threats, and a witch war?
Happily ever after has never been harder.
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The first two books in the Singularity Series are now available everywhere. 
Paperbacks also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Thank you for your interest in the Singularity series! I love to connect with fellow book lovers; find me on my websiteFacebook, and Twitter.

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I am SO excited to finally read the final book in The Singularity Series, although I will hate to say goodbye to these awesome characters!

Thank you so much Fabio for sharing your talented writing with the world!

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