Thursday, February 19, 2015

Welcome to Book One In The Happy Endings Resort Series The Inheritance by Jennifer Benson

About Happy Endings Resort:

Our resort is full of characters—residents, staff, locals from town, and our visitors and guests—all with a story to be told. Come join us for this unique series. Each month will be a new book by a different author, with a new cast of characters, as well as characters from other books in the series stopping by.

~Book One~

The Inheritance


Jennifer Benson

Cover Reveal Feb. 18th
Release Date: Feb. 23rd

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Rory London inherits Happy Endings Resort from a long lost relative she didn't even know she had. At the age of 26, Rory has very little to show of her life. Alone in the world, the inheritance of this resort is all she has left. Or is it?
Jason Duke, Esq. is the attorney handling the Happy Endings Resort Estate. He is a handsome twenty-eight-year-old, part-time resident of Happy Endings Resort. He is also the keeper of some of the ghosts in Rory's family's closet.
When a dead body is found on the property, Rory assumes temporary ownership of the resort, in name only, and finds out more than she ever wanted to about a family she never knew she had. Can the blossoming relationship between Rory and Jason survive her family's secrets?

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