Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day Fun at Fiddlesticks

Happy Father's Day Todd!

My son, Sean made this Lego replica of his Dad for Father's Day!  What an artist he is!  Such imagination!

Father's Day Fun!

This Father's Day, my Husband decided to have some extra special fun with the kids by taking the family to Fiddlesticks Family Fun Park.

We started with the boys heading to the bumper cars, while I took Emma on the Dragon ride.  As you can see, she loved it! 

 Next for Emma was the train roller coaster where the conductor made her go forwards and backwards several times.  She was smiles the whole time!

We all headed over to the bumper boats and started the soaking!  I amazingly didn't mind getting so wet because it kept me cool in the AZ heat.  

Feeling refreshed from the water, we decided to tackle the miniature golf course.  This was Emma's first time trying her hand at golfing and Daddy did a great job helping her learn the ropes of holding the club and lining up her shot.  She was so proud when she got a hole in one, the first one of the day!  

We finished off on the bumper cars again and Emma actually got to drive her very own car on the little track where she burned rubber and only hit the railing once!  Great job Emma!
To my husband Todd, you are the Most Amazing Father to our children and a Wonderful Husband to boot!  I love you!


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