Monday, June 15, 2015

EllieSewSweet Starting Over, Again...

Here I Go Again...

So it is my understanding that big changes are happening all during June. Boy I hope so, because life has been super crazy. I've been reading a blog written by Traci and Kayla, a mother/daughter team who work with energy clearing and intention setting, among the many other wonderful things they share. June will be the month I start not only setting my intentions, but watching them come to fruition.
I have been reflecting a lot on how judgmental and critical people are with one another, myself included. I have commented more than a few times to my hubby how my being so critical of others has really started to affect me in on daily basis. Not just in the thoughts I have, but the things I write sometimes and even in the words that come out of my mouth. The thoughts I have are mine and mine alone, they only affect me. Unless, I allow those thoughts to sour my mood, then they can affect my husband and children.
There are times I may make a comment on  a FB post or post a snarky picture and remark on my page. If I make a comment on someone else's post, I am opened up to scrutiny by others, my bad. But if I post something on my page and someone comments on it, someone else is opening themselves up to being scrutinized by everyone I know. Now, I may agree with one person or the other or neither or both of them, but guess what? It's my page and I get to choose what goes on there, what content is seen and in reality, I am letting them be judged by all those I know.
I was watching a talk show this morning while playing cards with my daughter, she's 9. After only a few minutes I noticed this group of women were judging various celebrities and even something the child of a celebrity had said publicly. I was trying to focus on the game of "go fish" we were playing, but I couldn't help thinking that watching these types of shows help me feel better about the critical thoughts I have about people on TV and what they are doing or saying. Does this spill over into my life, my family's daily thoughts and words and actions? I looked over at my very impressionable daughter and my heart started screaming "it's time to stop!"

So back to Traci and Kayla who are setting their and anyone else's intentions for the month of June. You have inspired my first intention of this month.

I am restarting my EllieSewSweet blog, once again!

Again... Isn't it wonderful that I can start over every single day! I can set my intentions on a nightly basis for the next day and if those intentions aren't fulfilled, I can set them again tonight! I LOVE that! A do-over for every day of my life. Each day striving to do more, be more, give more not just to everyone else, but to me.

I am restarting EllieSewSweet as the creative, inspired blog I started so long ago just for me. A place where I could share the quilts and aprons I've made or crafts I want to make. A place I can share my love of reading and the friendships with the authors I've met or can't wait to finally meet. My reviews of the stories I love and my anticipation for the next book in a series I don't want to end. Mostly I want this to be a place where I can share thoughts and have conversations with friends and people who won't judge or criticize what someone says or thinks. Help me and you be accepted and accountable to ourselves for the things we say and do and share here and out in the wide world.

Here is what I want to share today~

Starry skies will find us,
Find us gazing at the moon.
Sitting under a blanket of stars,
Watching the night pass by.
Moonlit nights will find us,
Find us sitting along a beach,
Sitting at the water's edge,
Watching waves caress the sand.
Chilly dewdrop mornings will find us,
Find us watching the sun rise from slumber.
Climbing high above the mountains,
Watching the day take charge.
Sun streaked days will find us,
Fins us sitting in a grassy park.
Sitting in the shade of trees,
Watching the children play.
Dazzling summer sunsets will find us,
Find us high upon the hilside.
Sitting as the cool breeze blows,
Watching the sun lay down to rest.
All of our days in life will find us,
find us spending precious moments together,
Sitting and watching the beauty of life,
Watching  the world pass by.
EMM 1990
updated June2015

What Do You Want To Share ~~~

EllieSewSweet ♡
Thank you for being you ♡

Find Traci And Kayla's blog Here
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